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Steps for Recovery

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This is a personal note to myself on things to remember next time and things to consider.

If unsure of exposure take glidenX next few meals, blend and nima test samples of ingredients used to see if it was something you fixed.

THOW AWAY that tooth brush....you brushed after getting glutened...your brush is contaminated....

MAKE SURE to add a extra 2 tsp of Liquid Health Energy& Stress and Neurological support between standard dosing, this will help with anxiety and suicidal thoughts that will hit a few days after exposure
LOWER Magnesium Citrate and start using a bit more Magnesium Glycinate to reduce loose stools, and deal with the surge of magnesium deficiency issues that will arise over the next few weeks.
UP dose of slippery elm and marshmallow to soothe the intestines.
CBD oil, and eat hemp meal (mygerbs mill your own), and pumpkin seeds protein (jarrow) Helps with serotonin and melotonin regulation.

DO NOT eat any spicy food, foods with peppers, vinegar, strong in onion, garlic, or acidic foods. Change to a herb seasoned meals, super soft, Italian and french based herb blends work...your stomach is essentially carpet burned treat it that way.
Egg dishes are your friend, make them in the microwave super soft and mushy, no hard edges or those chunks that are tough. Mix about half half nut milk and eggs, blend in 1-2tbsp each of coconut flour, almond flour, mashed veggies, Jarrow bone broth powder, and feel free to thicken with 1-3 tsp of psyillum husk should make about 24oz...will help make your stools pies instead of liquid.
Protein shakes with similar blends and nut meal poridge with just nut milk, almond butter, coconut flour and a scoop of protein powder,

Personal notes, avoid foods that are even a tiny bit corny, allergies are much worse ...you react to things that used to be ok, Citric Acid, gums, propylene glycol, meats sold on those corn laden white blood absorbers under them (go to the back and ask for a pack without),
Stay away from nori, sea weed, or iodine products....your will find they make skin and other reactions worse.

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