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June 2019 Update



Well, farmers market sales have been up and down, but I got great news on them redoing the laws here. I can now offer and sell my baked goods online and actually advertise about it, so working on an online site now. 

The building I live in might be sold soon, this is sort of a good thing, I will get enough money out of it to build a cheap steel building and frame out the inside, this time making a separate commercial kitchen (commissary). This way I can legally cater, do meal deliveries, and pave my way to maybe one day getting that food truck (will not have enough money left over for this) I might have enough to get that trailer also so I can straight up offer catering services and meals alongside the gaming trailer rental. The stress of having to move and budget everything is driving me nuts, I am already laying out logistic plans and phases of building and moving stuff to keep my sanity. Heck even designed up mockup layouts in Sims4
>,< Another concept is these steel buildings come default 16' tall, originally was opting for top storage, but thinking framing out and Airbnb the place or get a gluten-free paleo roommate.  

My health is doing much better, gaining muscle weight, being able to eat meat again...not vomited in weeks. One thing I find annoying and funny, the disease and being fat for years left me with a large torso. I have huge obliques, my torso will never V shape or hourglass like some bodybuilders. Maybe it is also my genetic heritage of being a good part 73% English, Whales, Northern Europe, and 24% Irish, Scottish.  Either way, I look like the rock with smaller arms and chest body shape wise guess I should try more for his look than trying to look like my friend Tom Kiryu.

Food wise I am working on several brownie recipes, in a funny way this takes awhile. See I do not waste anything, so if the recipe fails, I blend it up and store in icecube trays and freeze. I then mix them into keto porridge, or with eggs for sweet crustless quiches. So it takes me a while to eat the leftovers before I can try again lol. 

Another fun thing, and unexpected food experimentation. "Pork Rinds" I have found they are VERY versatile. You can use flavored ones for breading and work well with fried food. Another fun thing is they work amazing for thickening agents even in sweet baked goods. Funny making doughnuts or brownies with pork rind powder, but it sets up almost like gelatin but adds a unique chewy texture. In very large amounts...think of the chewiness of a chewy dessert bar made with marshmallows and caramel. I am right now playing with baked one's Epic and a powder from  Baconsheir. The pork rind industry is really taking off btw...they even have microwave packs of pork rinds on Amazon now.  For me going more Keto, I replaced the coconut flour and some of the almond flour in my crustless quiches with powdered pork rinds...I am debating straight testing how I do on a Carnivore diet.

My emotional support animal is doing well and had a few fun walks with him when the festivals were in town. -_- I got stopped more than 40 times so people could pet him...I will admit having a bearded dragon might be a bit unique but still.



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