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January 2020



So starting off the new year with a bit of a big investment using all my savings. Due to health issues being worse now traveling has become a joke, like removing the second row seating from my vehicle and replacing it with a portable toilet with chemical disposal tank....yeah I had to.
So this topped with having to rent a hotel every time I want to stay out late has made me invest in a new vehicle with bathroom, sink, bed, and kitchen area. Initially I was thinking a small RV like a Class B which is built out in a van, the old 1990's models are around 4-9k by NADA price guide books. BUT after talking to some others about issues I found a real jewel and some loopholes. Buy a retired ambulance, and build it out inside, there are tons of camper plans for this. You use the chassis VIN instead of the door VIN and it registers as the base truck so it can be insured as a truck etc. (it is legally not a ambulance once you remove the siren, certain lights, and stretcher set up) So I only pay $64 a month for liability. These things have HUGE covered storage if you used a fold down bed so I will have enough to haul stuff to markets and it has a nice generator built on it.

Now about my health issues, I found a few of my triggers,
Cumin the spice will cause vomiting,
certain levels of garlic/onion will also.
Whole Meats like steaks, brisket, chicken breast, lobster, etc will trigger vomiting and not break down or dump to intestines
Ground meats raw...are fine, cooked they harden up and trigger vomiting.
broth from powders like Ancient Nutrition/Jarrow Bone Broths
Apple Gate All Beef Hotdogs are fine, and so are GV chicken sausages with the skin removed.
Precooked extra thin bacon by Hormel and Oscar Mayer are fine when extra crispy and I throw out the chewy white fat (only the pink is edible)
SOME brands like 4505 porkrinds are edible as long as they are extra light and not oil laden...they just  dissolve in my mouth.
Avocado, Chocolate, Almond/Hazelnut/Sunflower/Pumpkinseed butters are all fine
IF I chew nuts instead of using the stone mill to butter them....the exact same nuts will trigger vomiting if chewed as I still have particles that irritate the stomach.

There is also a enzyme process to reduce the chances of gastroparasis. -_- 2 hours before take 8g Natural Vitality Calm, Before meal take 8oz Aloe Vera, 8g Natural Vitality Calm 3000gdu Bromelain, one pill of 50k Lipease ( I am keto this breaks up the oils/fat in the food) and one pill of Porcine pancreas enzymes. during the meal follow up with another of the bromelain and Porcine Pancreas enzymes.

-_- This is so inconstant and random having more to do with easy digestibility, low abrasiveness, and avoiding certain seasonings.



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