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End of the Year Update



Well I found a new favorite meal, wild smoked salmon and nova salmon. WholeFoods has them 30% off right now, I love that flavor, made little snacks by putting them squares of nori with miyoko cream cheese.  LOVING THEM and no digestion issues.
Been loving that I can eat thin bacon as long as I pull all the fat off, best is to buy the hormel precooked and pull the fat off cooking the pink and red bits and having with scrambled eggs.
Been eating way to many gluten free and keto baked goods the past few days, trying to eat all the sweets from Christmas and my freezer store before January then full on savory. But my new digestion trick later down has stopped the vomiting so all is fine.
I am tempted to go buy bulk beef cheek meat (very tender meat for barbacoa), the restaurant supply company for my catering has it in 60lb cases at $2.09/lb...local retail stores only carry these cheap versions with the good parts cut off while the supply store has the good parts with all the grizel and fat trimmed off. But alas this being the off season for the business and no bookings til March income is limited.
I found out how to make homemade eggnog that is lighter, easy to digest, and sugar/dairy-free....it is practically a protein shake. Will share it tomorrow

The Holiday Shenanigans
My Christmas turned into a joke and extremely ironic, I asked my parents for money to get a hotel for my birthday (Dec. 16th) as my GI and health issues made extended shopping without a close base with kitchen/bathroom/bed impossible. So I got $250 for a few nights and went and bought a bunch of diabetic safe snacks, chocolate bars, meat sticks, these snack packs of asparagus my dad would love, nuts, etc. All for family, and a ton of window shopping.
So come Christmas, I learn my family got me nothing but 2 shirts in my stocking and a old recipe book with some nostalgic recipes (none gluten free)...I was then informed my money for the hotel was my birthday and Christmas gift, and to add insult to injury my mother took the gifts I had sent to be used for HER and my dad to stuff my sisters and her husbands stockings (yes the expensive Lakanto Chocolate Bars, Ostrich and Beef Jerky sticks, and Asparagus pouches) I sorta of smiled and felt like banging my head on the wall. I used my Christmas gift to buy gifts for the whole family lol ON the bright side I had preemptively gotten myself a new Nordicware Grill plate and Splatter Cover and a Chef Man Air Fryer on black friday sale ($40) as a gift for myself.

Then came the Christmas dinner where I had made my diabetic mother and father Cauliflower mashed potatoes, carver ham, 2 types of dinner rolls, red velvet cupcakes, 2 typs of sugar cookies, (all gluten free, paleo, keto)  and offered to make dressing but was turned down. Well my mother made carby, corn bread dressing, scalloped potatoes, and green bean casserole......she swore it was just for my sister and her husband....but proceeded to load her plate with it. DEAR god I was triggered and almost snapped. -_- there is a story here, my moms, mother (my grandma) died a messed up death, she ate sugar and carbs despite being a T1, put her self in a diabetic coma but before the EMT arrived her heart had stopped and the lack of oxygen to the brain before being resuscitated caused early onset dementia....Essentially the last year or so of her life she could not recognize my mother, her other kids/grandchildren. SO now when my T1 mother decides to recklessly eat sugar/carbs I get stressed out and worry/scared for her health. I myself am keto and will not eat anything that spikes my glucose, I have seen what can happen and swore it would never happen to me....why can others not do the same?

My Health
I have a temporary fix til I can see my GI doc on Jan 16th for my vomiting and gastroparisis, I tried everything from medicine to help it, ginger, whole foods etc....The only thing that helps is very high doses of Magnesium Citrate and flushing with alot of liquids...essentially treating it like a toilet bowl and force flushing with laxatives. the following is  what I am using
9g Natural Vitality Calm in 20oz hot liquid 2 hours before breakfast
12g Natural Vitality Calm in 16oz hot liquid & 4oz Aloe Vera Inner Fillet with breakfast  Followed by 16 oz of coffee or tea after
12g Natural Vitality Calm in 20oz hot liquid 2 hours before lunch
10g Natural Vitality Calm in 16oz of liquid with 4oz of Aloe Vera Inner fillet juice with lunch
This seems to keep everything moving and not vomiting. This is a temporary fix and in January I am going to whole foods diet of soft tender meats, eggs, broths, and some super cooked leafy greens getting rid of the hard to digest nuts, seeds, etc. I will then taper off this high dosing and let my intestines regain their strength to move food on their own. Even trying weekly bone broth fast.

Other things in Life
Side note my emotion support tegu has this new trick, often when I am stressed she starts scratching at the glass. I open it and put my hand in and she crawls up my arm around my shoulder licks the back of my neck then goes down the other arm and back into the enclosure. I thought this was cute and she has done it repeatedly.
I have been stuck inside a bit more due to my GI track having dates with the bathroom every 1-2 hours. -_- In search of freedom and asking around I found a dealer with some Class B motor homes who would work with me and lowered the cost over saying he could set me up if I get around 5500....still 5-6 months away but easier then paying the 16-20k everyone else is wanting for a 20 year old one.


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