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Yvonne (Vonnie) Mostat, RN


Do you know about Welsh Filmmaker Greg Ballantine's documentary about the path to his celiac disease. 

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My knowledge of the National Celiac Organization was limited until the past few years when I was very restricted with the cousin to T.B. - M.A.C. and I found myself spending more hours researching my nursing degree books (out-dated of course) and all the new information regarding celiac disease from throughout the known world. It is amazing how many inaccuracies you find and the statistics can be confusing because none of the countries are listing the same number of people affected by the gluten allergy worldwide.

THE WINTER Edition of Gluten-Free-Nation 2020 is in the mail to NCA members and magazine subscribers. It does feature articles to help you stay on track with new years resolutions, handling raw flour, gluten-free challenges in colleges and more. 

DO YOU KNOW:  The ``G.M.O.-free`` banner now carried by a popular oat-based breakfast cereal is a similarly misleading marketing ploy, aimed at people who are uneasy about the safety of consuming foods containing genetically modified organisms. In summary, Schwartz, a nutritional advocate  ^Noted in an article indicating that Bill Jefferey, national coordinator for the Center for Science and the Public Interest (CSP) in Ottawa, would like to see changes to the current labeling rules. Bill Jefferey says he would like to see ingredients listed on the label from the greatest to the least amounts found in the food, ^particularly helpful for those on severely restricted diets for sugar intake¨Right now, in Canada and the U.S.A. manufacturers, for example, can use a dozen different sources of the sweet stuff to give the false impression that sugar isn`t one of the main ingredients. *We need to lobby for better labeling. Currently the consumer `has to look at the amounts and calories and do some kind of mental calculus just to make a judgement about whether something is high in sodium but low in sugar and about how those things offfset one another. Another wish that Jeffery has is to see  all ingredients at the front-of-the-package nutrition rating on a scale of one to 100 using criteria independent from industry criteria. The numerical rating would then be translated into a red, yellow, and green traffic light-type icon. I always feel any foodsource that is gluten free should wave the flag directly at the top front of the package. The most aggravating issue I have when shopping, is checking the ingredients of ice cream. You stand there, with the door held open, your nose hair beginning to freeze, holding this frozen log of ice cream while you scrunch up your eyes to read whether it contains gluten or soy. I have generally found that the cheaper the ice cream the more ingredients òther than ice cream it contains.

A GOOD IDEA;   Go onto the Web and search under `gluten`on FDA`s `Recalls,and Safety Alerts``  You will see certain food items that were labeled gluten-free in 2016 and was still labeled gluten free when it was recalled. OR, if you prefer to travel nationally learn about recalls and alerts for many products.

DID YOU KNOW that on January 21, 2020 the London National News published a breakthrough on  Peanut Allergies.  The FDA, U.S.A. has approved this research for the United States, so stay in the news. Doing volunteer testing of small amounts of peanut butter, (they list `minute`) portions of peanut butter taken daily has proved to build up an intolerance in those children very allergic to peanuts. But when you stop that daily `small``amount of peanut butter, then your body will again begin the build up of peanut in the system. And why does this concern the `Celiac Population`you ask:-  This is new research on peanut allergies after how many years of suffering and some deaths from anaphylaxs, would it work for the gluten allergy. One can only hope that they do conclude this testing for gluten and report it the same way to the consumer and those of us desperate for a cure.

REMEMBER, WHEN YOU ARE SO MOVED, TO CHECK AND SEE IF H.R. 2074 The Bill for the United States Congress regarding Gluten in Medication. Disclosure Act H.R. 2074 of 2019

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