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Celiac in seniors



I am new to this and just learning. My dad has been diagnosed w celiac disease at 76.  He was completely healthy, on zero medications, eating healthy meals cooked by my mom, and taking vitamins for years!  When he was first diagnosed (after weight loss and weakness completely disabled him), ever Dr he saw said No, you can’t have celiac. You’re too old. But slowly we have learned that celiac in older people is more and more common. This is an auto immune disorder, yes?  Are there any studies regarding the fact that celiac in seniors may be caused by the flu or shingles vaccinations?  My dad had both last year, and then Boom! Total sudden change in his health, and vaccinations are known to cause auto immune disorders. Am I out of line here??? Has anyone studied this or even felt that this could be a factor??


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Kathy, most doctors are not well-informed about celiac disease. It can become active at any time in life. A high percentage of the population have genetic potential for celiac disease but most do not develop it despite. It takes both the genetic potential and some triggering stress event, such as a viral infection, to activate the genes. I have not heard that vaccinations can trigger latent celiac disease to become active celiac disease. I do know there is controversy surrounding vaccinations triggering some health problems, particularly autism.

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Hi @Kathy P There is no known link between vaccinations and celiac disease, but there are links to childhood viruses and celiac disease. This category covers some possible triggers:


Given his age I suspect that he's had flu and other vaccines throughout his lifetime, none of which triggered celiac disease. 

Also, just FYI: you posted a blog post, and may have meant to post in our forum instead.

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