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Fed Up With Doctors



No wonder I can't move ahead in my life - something is always pulling me back!

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I don't get it - not only did they miss my diagnosis for 20 years, apparently the "complete" hysterectomy that I had 22 years ago - wasn't complete! They told me they took "everything" out.


While doing the tests for the other problems I am dealing with at the moment they happened to find something that appears to be an ovary! So why give me breast cancer causing drugs for the last 20 years (HRT) if I never needed them? What am I missing here? So if it turns out to be true, and it is an ovary.............OH MY!


For 20 years they never saw it? All the tests and nothing revealed it until the catscan? Come on, what the hell is going on - is there no recourse for this kind of abuse - as that's how I see it. I feel like I have been lied to from day one - a guinea pig is how I actually feel....They told me they didn't know what was causing my pain so they did a "complete" hysterectomy - I was 22!


No more kids (thank god for my daughter) But they took the option away from me - and I was only 22...and to find out now it may not have been needed.....How do you go back on this kind of stuff...who gets held accountable? Do we just move on and not mention to the butcher of a doctor that he made a mistake? Hope that by not brining his error to his attention he may not hurt someone else?? I wonder how many mistakes he's made over the last 20 odd years....I wonder how many people are aware of his mistakes? Thought it was something else? Are doctors not goverend like that? Are they so far above the law that no one confronts them? Or helps them to learn from their mistakes?


Why couldn't I have found all this stuff out years ago.....


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