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Can't Get Good Sleep

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Oh, that is so awful.  And you are far too young for this, too!  You know your pain is bad when you cannot even become immersed in a book by your favourite author.  Sometimes all I can do is lie there and wait.  Too painful to think or do anything.  So sad you are going through this.  I so used to take health for granted until this mess happened to me five years ago. 


It may sound weird, but the past five years (I have had a lot of time to think!) has caused me to take inventory of my life and really put things into perspective and become self aware.  My character has changed and I see things so differently now.  I have always been compassionate and empathetic but now even more so.  Helping others cope and manage pain seems to be something I have grown good at.  Going through difficult times (we all have 'em) really brings out the best (or worst) in us.  The first three years were extra tough.  The last two, though I have suffered every single day, have been better because I choose for my days to be better.  My outlook is generally positive.  Some days I can hardly walk and/or move.  Those days I am thankful I have a comfortable house and a bed on which to lie.  The days I do walk (I try to go on daily walks - length varies) I am thankful that I have legs with which to walk. 


My dearest friend was diagnosed with a horrific cancer last week.  Her prognosis is very grim.  Though I have severe pain, I have life. 


Addy, I truly hope that you have a very deep and sound sleep tonight.  Sleep makes all the difference in the world to me.  My pain is somewhat lessened and my outlook cheerier when I sleep.  So, here's hoping we both wake up refreshed and restored tomorrow!  :)

<p>Confirmed celiac disease February 2011 from biopsies. Strictly gluten free March 18 2011.Diagnosed with fibromyalgia April 13 2011.3 herniated discs, myofascial pain syndrome, IT band syndrome, 2 rotator cuff injuries - from an accident Dec. 07 - resulting in chronic pain ever since. Degenerative disc disease.Osteoarthritis in back and hips.Chronic insomnia mostly due to chronic pain.Aspartame free May 2011.

When our lives are squeezed by pressure and pain, what comes out is what is inside.

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