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Hi everyone,


I've read a lot of the posts related to brain fog, and have found a lot of great info.  However, I haven't found much related to ways in which to speed up recovery from it.  I've listed below what I found: do you know additional ways?


Here's what I've found in the other posts:

- Get nutrient levels checked, especially: vitamins B and D, calcium, magnesium.  Take supplements as needed.

- Get seratonin and neurotransmitter levels checked

- Take probiotics

- Ensure there's absolutely no gluten cross-contamination


Here are things I've picked up or figured out myself:

- Identify foods other than gluten which set off the "brain fog" response

- Identify foods labelled "gluten-free" which have ingredients you know to be ok for you, but which set off a reaction anyway (my guess is this is due to manufacturing processes - Mary's Gone Crackers is one food which fits this criteria for me).


Anything else?  I've been particularly looking for programs designed to aid memory recovery and general brain function recovery from a temporary "cognitive decline", but haven't found anything good yet.  That said, I haven't been able to fandangle my way into a neurologist's office to ask an expert, either.


Does anyone know of differences in recommended brain fog recovery aids for non-celiac gluten sensitivity versus celiac disease?

Thank you!!

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