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Suddenly Developing Problems With Dairy?

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I haven't been diagnosed Celiac (negative blood test) but I am gluten-free for almost 2 weeks now.  I was diagnosed with lactose intolerance about 10 years ago but that's progressively gotten better the past few years.  I've found I've been able to eat more dairy foods without issue, unless I have too many the same day or certain things (like a milkshake).  Now that I've gone gluten-free though, I'm suddenly having diarrhea! (didn't have stomach problems with gluten)  I think maybe it's the dairy.  Why would this suddenly become a problem?  It seems common, but I don't understand why.  Can someone explain?  I'm a bit hesitant to go dairy-free because I first want to make sure I can't tolerate gluten.  If I do both at once I won't really know and may be cutting one out unnecessarily.  Thanks!

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