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Coming Off Gluten Cause Symptoms?

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Hey Guys,


If someone tolerant to Gluten comes off it- and proceeds on a gluten free diet do they experience with drawl effects from it ridding itself from your system? The same with someone who is gluten sensitive- if they start a gluten free diet -would they experience symptoms until they adjust?


I may have a gluten sensitivity and since I have been gluten free feel more foggy and tired.


Is this normal, frequent, anyone else experience this?


Im assuming the body rights itself in time- just like coming off a medication for a long time or something.





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yes, you could be having withdrawal symptoms.  your body *likes* gluten.  so, when you take away gluten, your body throws a little hissy fit.  just rest, drink lots of water, nice hot showers worked for me when i was trying to 'detox' from gluten.  good luck! :)

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