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Stress Or Gluten

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Not at all sure what Is going on.  I accidently ate a wheat cracker from a package my daughter left on the counter.  (usually only my gluten-free crackers are on the counter.  For the last two weeks I have had some gurgling but the worst is terrible pain in my muscles - even to so much as touch my muscles hurts.  I have been taking hot baths using Epsom salt and ginger to relieve the pain.  I have tried advil - and it doesn't touch the pain.  A nutritionist who is gluten free recommend I take 800 mgs of magnesium and also recommended a good pro-biotic.  My husband and I just moved this week, our daughter went into labor 2 weeks early (she and her family are renting our house because they need the space) and my husband and I moved into a nice condo where I won't need to risk cross contamination, in addition our son was married a few weeks before that, and I had a women's retreat to lead.  I am wondering is this stress?  Is it a virus?  Or have I been glutened so much so that I could have this kind of muscle pain?  

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gosh!  that is alot going on!  i hope you get settled soon.


when i get glutened, it lasts for about 2 weeks.  headache, fatigue, muscle pain, the big D, the works.  i guess since it's systemic the gluten affects your whole body so it takes time to work it's way out.  i usually drink a ton of water and (you are already soaking) take long showers.  i like to think it helps to 'detox', but it might just make me super clean :)


i also have a problem with soy - mimics gluten reaction (and makes my muscles hurt like crazy - neck!  ow!)  but it doesn't last as long.  i found this out by using a food journal and elimination.  since i wasn't looking to avoid soy, (just gluten) i was doing myself in every day eating something containing soy.  but i was thinking i was glutened even though i was eating carefully.


good luck!  it's tough to figure out, sometimes  :(

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