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Need Celiacs Who Did Or Didn't Do Gluten-Challenge For Article

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I am new to this forum, I have celiac disease myself by gene test, 2nd degree relative and gluten reaction but not by biopsy so far. Because of the catch-22 I have faced getting my "official" diagnosis, I pitched an article to Gluten Free Living about the Catch-22 of getting diagnosed. 


I am looking for people to interview who have had trouble getting diagnosed due to going off of gluten before seeking official diagnosis. Either you did the gluten challenge and got diagnosed or you are still in a limbo of almost certain you have celiac disease (relative with disease, gene test positive for markets and severe reaction to gluten when ingested) and unwilling to do the challenge (like myself) due to how sick it would make you. 


Please, contact me at the following address if you know anyone who meets this description! If I have posted this in the wrong forum, please direct me to the correct place.


Please hit me up at kbeanfreelance@gmail.com if you are interested in being interviewed for the article! Thank you. 


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