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Are Venous compression syndromes related to Celiac (Gluten Allergy or Sensitivity) ?

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A young man of 23 is in hospital with  Venous compression syndrome ( and I am not sure whether  it is Paget–Schroetter syndrome, Nutcracker syndrome or May–Thurner). I know that this is  a rare condition and these syndromes are usually seen in young, otherwise healthy individuals,

Please note he suffers from IBS, is slim/ skinny, and cancer runs in his family, in men. (I do not recall if it is colon or prostate. I know that both his father and uncle did or do suffer from it.) 

The individual DOES consume gluten, and no testing has been ever conducted to determine whether he has the sensitivity to Glutens, or more serious affect such as Celiac.

But since Gluten (sugars) atrophy cells and tissue, I have to pose this Question to this community please. 


Thanks so much for your time, 


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