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Gluten, dairy, soy free with diverticulitis

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I have been gluten, dairy, soy free for 1 year. I had a colon resection done June 2015 & amother colon repair surgery in August 2015. I am also allergic to beef and beef proteins.  Last Sunday, I ate a piece of grilled chicken and about an hour later developed severe cramps with nausea.  Every day this week has been worse than the days before. I went to the ER on Thursday and was told I have lesions on my colon. I have been surviving on pedialyte and Gatorade, only. Friday,  I doubled over in severe cramps at work. I went to my PCP and was diagnosed with Diverticulitis.  

Now, what do I eat? Remember,  most diverticulitis diets have dairy. Please help! 

I feel like there is nothing that I can eat without major cramps. 

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Diverticulitis is when the little pockets that characterize diverticulosis get inflamed and/or infected.  A lot of people with this condition find that eating seeds and beans tend to irritate the colon more, so they avoid those.  Others don't have any symptoms.  For now, while you are so sick, (if it were me), I would stick with soft, bland foods, like mashed potatoes, boiled rice, and maybe some jello until you feel better.  See if you can tolerate some natural chicken broth-- not bouillon, but real broth.  Are you allergic to coconut?  Coconut water might be good if you are sick of Gatorade.  I hope you feel better soon.

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