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Great Experience at Applebee's

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Yesterday we had to drive my son to the airport for his evening flight back to university.  It's a three hour drive each way, and he had a long trip to endure, so that meant looking for dinner in a restaurant.  I agreed to give Applebee's a try, with some trepidation.  Well, when I placed my order, I told the server that I am allergic to wheat, and asked several questions about the dish I was ordering (the grilled chicken and watermelon salad).   When she brought out my salad, she told me she had written "gluten" on my order, so then the cooks double checked the ingredients on every item for me, and cleaned the grill before cooking my chicken.  It was delicious, I did not break out in hives or have any other adverse reactions.  Overall, it was an excellent experience!

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