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How to interpret blood tests

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About 4 years ago, at my insistence, my doctor tested my for celiac.  The tests came out negative, but now I am looking at them again and questioning the analysis.

IgA = 214

tTg IgA = 8     The test results say that anything is 19 is negative, but that seems like a high bar to me. 

tTG IgA = 3

For years, I have neuropathy in my feet which is getting progressively worse.  The pain is just moderate now, but I am concerned about it getting even worse in the future.  I am not diabetic, and doctors have no clue what could be causing it.  

Would anyone have an opinion whether IgA is considered positive?  

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We can't tell without the reference ranges on those bloods. Different labs have different ranges so it's important to have those ranges.

Celiac can present at any time in life so if you had tests 4 years ago that does not mean you're not celiac forever. It might be smart to get tested again BUT make sure you're eating gluten (at least a slice of bread or 2 saltines every day) for 12 weeks otherwise you'll get false negatives.

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