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Old Research on DH is it time for it be rediscovered

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To All,

I was curious when DH became associated with Celiac disease in the research and found that it happened around 1967.

But I was also surprised to find DH was being treated as DH without connection to Celiac disease 20+ years before that date.

So I was curious what was used/studied to treat DH before it became a celiac associated disease.

I came up on this research I was surprised to find . .and was curious what other's thought of it.


I couldn't find the link without the pdf ...so I am posting it here on how Nicotinic acid was used to treat DH sufferers at 50+ percent and maybe as high as 80+ percent success rate in the 1940s but has now been forgotten?

Is this the missing link?

Currently Niacin or Niacinamide with Tetracycline is used to treat DH ...


Does this OLD forgotten research indicate Niacin aka Nicotinic acid as the correct/proper treatment for DH now forgotten by medical science?


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