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Guest mvaught

Athens, Ga gluten-free - Anyone?

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WARNING - if you get the Red Curry (or anything else with rice) at Doc Chey's - get white rice. Their brown rice contains gluten. I learned this the hard way.

Oh, just figured why somethign on their gluten free menu would make ya sick... apparently, the gluten-free version uses a different sauce than does the regular version. Also depends on the server. One server was all on top of it, got it was very helpful, but a few days later, the girl I was dealing with didn't geddit at all. Annoying that I have to explain the restaurant's policy to the employee there.

Here is a link from their Web site...I'm not sure if their revamped product is back on the market yet...when that happens, they should post what individual stores are selling it again. But this link will show the distributors in each state:


and I hate to be a kill joy as I love me a tasty cold beer as much as anyone else, but no such animal as gluten-free beer. The amino acid that must be present for any beverage to be called beer has gluten in it. Remove that, and you don't have anything that can possibly be called beer. My doctor met the brewer, and called him on his iffy claims. The FDA shut him down, too. Even tho he's a celiac and feels no effects from the gluten in his beer, each and every one of my doctor's colleagues got sick when they sampled it at the convention where he was exhibiting his product. Anyone out there who wants to try the stuff, do so at your own risk.

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Guest mvaught

I have had some luck at The Sultan (0n Atlanta Hwy past Best Buy), but all I have eaten from there is hummus and grape leaves, so, not sure about the other dishes (ad i have only been there a couple of times, so it is possible that i just got lucky). Also, I ate off of the deli bar at EarthFare...I got surry tofu and vegetarian jambalaya and neither made me sick. Again, I have only doe this a couple of times, so I am ot sure how great of a CC risk there is (i may have lucked out again).

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Celiac-friendly places in Athens, GA:


Big City Bread


Taqueria Del Sol

Mellow Mushroom

Heirloom Cafe



Chick Fil A


La Parilla

Zoe’s Kitchen

Thai Spoon

The Grit

Last Resort Grill 


5 and 10


Automatic Pizza

The Falls

Grindhouse Burgers 

Pho and More

Cali n Tito’s 

Taste of India

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