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Thyroid Problem

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Hi everyone,

I am new to the club, and desperate for answers.

At the moment I am so tired I don't know how I am actually getting through the day.

Here is my question, I would be really glad if someone can help me with this one:

I am sensitive to gluten (enterolab result) and also have Hashimoto disease (underactive thyroid, autoimmune response). I was off thyroid medication (Levoxyl) for the last year and after being gluten free for 2 months I need to be put on Thyroid med. again.

Does anyone know whether Levoxyl is save for a glutenfree diet?

If not, are there any alternatives?

I am also allergic to caffein, corn and dairy.

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I Have been taking Levoxyl since before my celiac was dx and have not had any problems or known of any problems with gluten but I am not sure if there is anything else in it that you mentioned. You may try calling your pharmacy and ask them to research Levoxyl for you. Just tell them what your intolerences are. Sorry, wish I could be more help. Good luck though.


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I no longer have a throid due to cancer (no big deal, very curable). I take synthroid once a day and have no issues. I remember looking up the medication shortly after my celiac dx, it was gluten-free.


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