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Mandy F.

Will This Ever End?!

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I guess I just need to rant a little bit but I'm so frustrated! I've been feeling ill since a few weeks before I was diagnosed with Celiac in March. I initially resisted the diet, but I began following it hoping that I would start feeling better, and for a little while I did. Then I got the same sort of symptoms again, extreme fatigue, swollen glands, aches and pains... the list goes on. Well, at the end of October, my doc hospitalized me for 3 days and ran a bunch of blood tests and had me seen by a neurologist and a rheumatologist. The neurologist said depression (go figure... <_< ) and the rheumy said maybe fibro or lupus (w/strong family history). Well, I found out I was hypothyroid and had a postive ANA. I went back a couple weeks later to have the ANA panel completed but it was negative. The same tests showed that my B12 was low but it was fine two weeks prior! So, through all of this, I have not actually felt any better. The rheumy suggested Plaquenil (I guess he's treating this as lupus even though the tests were kinda screwy) but I opted to try Provigil (for energy, and less side effects) until my next set of thyroid tests comes back. So, in the course of about a month I've gone from being on one allergy med to taking a handful of meds and a shot every morning!! This is not the way I wanted to start 2007! I feel like, all of a sudden, I'm falling apart...

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