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Bourban Whiskey

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Very good points. People that are not Celiac have the same attitudes and reactions to alcohol. Some won't drink one brand it makes them have a hangover but another is fine. It would seem when it comes to alcohol it all depends on the individual person anyways.


That's probably a very good point, thank you for making it. Must keep reminding myself of it. I'm fairly new and keep trying to make some sense of the stuff on this forum. I'd like to boil it down to some neat & tidy science that I can apply to me. There's two basic problems impeding this attempt. Human physiology and human psychology, and the enormous variations people display. If one doesn't allow for that, one could go bonkers, couldn't one?

For instance, the only physical symptoms I've ever had were d. , stomach illness associated with d. , weight loss, and lack of sleep from having to get up in the middle of the night. So I can't personally relate to many others problems. Who knows, that could change. I could develop other problems from going gluten-free. Or I could get tested at enterolabs and get allergic to everything (just kidding, couldn't resist, it's a joke really, don't know much about it, but I haven't seen anyone on here say they got tested and wasn't sensitive to anything). Please forgive me, I'm not a bad person, am I?

And don't even talk about people's heads. Celiac aside, we can't even agree on tuna fish. Some think Chicken of the Sea is disgusting and only eat Starkist (ok me). Or think tuna packed in oil is disgusting and only eat water. Some want to throw up if they taste a bourbon & coke, but love gin & tonic, etc. etc. etc, times a million.

So we start with that and then throw Celiac in there and then "viola", we got lots of different beliefs, some hard to swallow (literally).

You're talking about spirits here, but I'm thinking this could be a more general idea and apply in many other situactions.

If someone says "I can drink Makers Mark but not Jack Daniels", and if they have actually done it , ie. they had a reaction to Jack Daniels, well then that's easy to accept. That's real, observable science, for them. Doesn't matter if there's supposedly no gluten in either one. One made them sick and one didn't. What are you gonna do? You're gonna drink Makers Mark!

BTW, I have a little (ok a lot) of experience with both MM & JD and many others. One could say I like sour mash bourbon whiskey. Haven't had any problems celiac-wise with any spirits. But I have always noticed a very strong, distinctive taste with Jack Daniels Black, It's almost like I can taste the charcoal filtering or something. Not bad, but definately different. So what a coincidence that some are having a problem with it.

Sorry about the long post (assuming anyones still reading). I still love this forum. I've gotton a lot of great info & advise. It's frustating sometimes, but I feel much better off since I found it. Thanks to all! lm


Gluten Free October 18, 2007

YIPPEE for Gluten free

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