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Getting Back On The Wagon

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Stupid me... a beer or two with new friends while on holiday (how could I say no when they presented it to me - they are not my usual friends who know and assist, and thought surely one beer can't hurt!) and then it all comes undone, and a cracker or three later, next thing I know I am eating a whole packet of biscuits....

Unfortunately for me I don't have major incapacitating symptoms with gluten - just creeps up on me with nausea, bloating, C and then D, and mood swings, I guess - or is that PMT... and a rotten sinus infection am trying to wait out (it's only been 24 hrs), and stuffing around all day at work with my bloated belly pressing against my desk..

An official diagnosis would really help with sticking with this - though there's no chance of that here..... And now self recrimination.... vicious cycle....

Start again tomorrow!!! Gotta forgive myself and move on. Guess I am not the only one who's done this.



Aussie living in Philippines, Manager, Triathlete, Mum to 2 dogs, 2 cats & fish


Hypothyroid, diag. 2000, desicated thryoid 3 grains + T4 50 mcg.

Pituitary adenoma, 2002 - no treatment (no followup yet)

Polycystic, 2000 - no treatment

IBD by biopsy - end 2006 (cause not investigated)

Suspected Gluten intolerant/celiac - not diagnosed

Gluten Free - start Dec 06 (big improvement in tummy troubles, though still not 100%..)

Allergies suspected to Rice, Mango, Chicken, some fish (though testing)... still trying to work it all out.

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You are not the only one who has done that. I think drinking makes it harder especially for me as a few drinks makes me think I am invincible and I loose the art of caring about myself. I usually stay away from alcohol now, not because I am scared of what I might do, but more because it has lost its appeal.

So Sally, like you said, forgive yourself and move on.

I hope you don't feel too bad over the next few days, as those symptoms are about all I get, but I feel they do justify being gluten free as they are a pain for me. And yes I am suffering from what feels like period pains right now, in fact when I get a sore stomach that is the best way to describe it.

It must be tough without a diagnosis because I imagine you can make yourself think at times that you don't have to be too careful with gluten, but I think you might just find out over the next day or so, gluten does matter and has to be avoided.

Take care, and don't be too harsh on yourself.


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