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Dd Might Be Displaying Symptoms

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One of my sons has Celiac, confirmed. When he was dx'd my dd was too little for testing and the GI only tested if symptoms were present. Well, given she is so close in age, she eats what he eats, it's easier on me. Lately, I've purchased gluten products for her and another son who was tested not Celiac. And lately her poo composition has changed. She is 3 1/2 now.

It's green, I mean grass green! And somewhat loose, not formed. It's so weird this started during a recent trip we took to PA, we brought our own food with us except for one meal on the way home we ate at a place with a salad bar.

Sometimes the entire poo is this somewhat not formed green goo with food particles, she spotted them in the toilet yesterday. And sometimes it's ruddy brown and formed in the beginning of the poo and green mush at the end as in this morning.

It's enough to make me suspect. Actually I've been feeding her a whole grain bread w/ oatmeal. And not 1 of my children tolerates oats, not even their DQ2 dad. I'm the only one who can eat them without visible side effects. She started to eat this with me a few weeks ago, so the timing for that being the exact culprit is off.

Anyone have any ideas? We eat salad and greenery from the garden, but she hasn't had this every day.

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well if she just started to eat gluten and is having somewhat celiac symtoms that she didn't have before...it doesn't take long to put the two together and think she has celiac. Since you have 1 son confirmed and Dad has a gene I would do gene testing on the entire family. That would tell you right there who is predisposed and who isn't.


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I have a problem there too. My son has been gluten free since birth, until I was diagnosed, it was just gluten-free formula. He is now on a gluten challenge. We started on Sunday and I have kept a food diary and he started bad symptoms yesterday. In the evening we fed him regular mac and cheese, he ate about half, and then about 45 minutes later the diapers began.. first ok, little loose, but not too bad, the second one, a bit looser, the third one, complete liquid. This morning before he even ate anything 2 pure liquid poopy diapers.. any advice??? could it be his body just isnt used to the gluten? or is it a reaction to gluten? as in possible Celiacs?


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