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Inflammation Everywhere But Joints?

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I was first diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, then had the symptoms of Bechets but doctor doesn't think it's that. They said I had joint inflammation so it had to be RA. :(

I got off all the drugs (arava, ultram, celebrex, prednisone) and lost all swelling in any joint area but my thighs, calves, tops of feet, shoulders, arms, around the elbows, around the knee etc. were all severely swollen with inflammation.

I have a Rheumatoid Factor but my doctor is stumped because i don't have swelling in the joint areas like she once thought. I just swell so much in the muscles that it covers the joints.

Anyway, she wants to just do RA treatment since she is confused but methotrexate puts me in an entire swelling fit, i had a prednisone pack this week to get rid of the inflammation methotrexate caused.

I swell up when i am around gasoline, pesticides and when i eat select frozen dishes etc. IT's like i can't take the pollution and poison in my food.

Anyway, anyone have any idea at all what this could be?

Other symptoms are:

- brain fog, can't think of words i want to say, loose thought etc.

- swelling in the hips

- lower back swelling

- face swelling including sinuses, eyes etc.

- asthma when really bad

- bronchitis cough here or there


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