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Mom Thinks I Was Cursed By The Devil...lol! Rant

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Just a thought, but I wonder if in some warped way, she's trying to keep you at home, dependant on her. Even though she tells you how evil you are, she just may be afraid of being left alone. Are there any younger sibs? Perhaps she thinks if she can keep you sick,you won't be able to get a job. And if you can't get a job, you won't move out. Of course there's still no excusing her behavior, and there's definitely some form of mental illness going on.



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I don't have any younger siblings. I have older siblings who are all becoming just as careless as my mom when it comes to my health issues. It's really making me angry.

I sometimes wonder if maybe this is being done on purpose so I can stay at home and be reliant on her. Well so far, it's working. <_< No matter how much I talk to anyone in this house about it, it doesn't change anything. I wish I had been born in another family sometimes lol.

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Tell your mom that everyone on this forum will be praying for her and we are asking for God to turn her heart and make her able to see the truth about celiac being a disease (genetic, btw, so be sure to thank her for the genes she gave you and your brother, lol!) If he won't turn her heart, perhaps he will turn her ankle, so we will know her by her limp and then can try to talk some sense into her! :lol:

Sometimes it is best to meet these things head on with a hefty helping of humor. My only advice? Move out as fast as you can! Your health and you sanity can't wait!

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