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Need Help W/ Lab Results!

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I have been going to a new dr, who is an osteopath. Last week he ordered a bunch of blood work because I have been having a lot of pain in my hands and my heart rate is elevated. I got the results today. Everything was within normal range, except:


Alkaline Phos. 120 (normal 30-115)

SGPT (ALT) 69 (normal 0-29)

Sed Rate 47 (normal 0-20); Less than a yr ago, it was around 27


Appearance: Cloudy (normal clear)

Blood: 1+ (normal negative)

RBC 10-19 (normal 0-2)

WBC 3-9 (normal 0-2)

Mucous: Few (normal none)

Amorph Crystals: Mod (normal none)

He told me that I was fine, and there was nothing else he could do for me. He said I needed to eat better, and he recommended I go on a Mediterranean Diet <_< . He started to order some further heart testing, but decided not to because I had an ECHO done a few months ago and it was normal. He said my liver enzymes were probably off because I might have a "Fatty Liver."

My RA factor was negative, my cholesterol was great, Electrolytes and kidney were normal.

ANyone have any ideas?? I am goiong to call the rheumatoligist tomorrow that I saw a few months ago. I am just lost now. I think I will find a new dr, again. :angry:


Mom of 4 beautiful girls (the 2 youngest are only 10 months apart!)
Diagnosed with Celiac disease on November 8, 2006; gluten-free as of 12-1-06.

DD#2 13 years old; diagnosed on November 28, 2006. gluten-free as of 12-7-06.
DD#3 9 years old; diagnosed through blood work in October 2006. Gluten-free as of mid-November and doing GREAT!!
DD#4 8 years old; had a scope done on 6-22-07 (at 14 months old) and the dr saw stomach ulcers, but all test results were negative. GI dr told us to put her on the gluten free diet anyway. She is gluten free as of 6-22-07.

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