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What Can I Do Now After Exposure?

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Hi - I could use any suggestions advice you have. Gluten Free since Sept 08, biopsy negative for celiac.

Last Friday I ate something inadvertently that had gluten in it. Within 10 minutes I was reacting; bloatedness, burps that sounded like they came from my toes, and a burning sensation in my stomach and cramping a little further into the intestines. It didn't take long for it to be consuming. I braced myself for the domino effect over the next 48 hours - and that is just how it went.

It is now the Thursday after exposure and my stomach burns still. There is no reflux - it is just a burning sensation and when I try to eat a small meal I immediately get gas and cramping. I started taking extra probiotic supplements Monday...It was so bad last night when I tried to eat a small salad and a fruit puree /smoothie with goat milk that I only dare to try some goat milk yogurt and small bites of a prana bar.

I don't know what else I can do to get through this or when this is something I should present back at the dr office (if at all).


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In general it has to run its course and a doctor cannot do very much for you.

There are some things you can try:

Eat some whole cloves for the burping (they help me for a bit and then I have to eat more)

Try to take some gluten-eze. This is an enzyme that supposedly keeps you from digesting the gluten. I find it is helpful for accidents, even though they say you should take it before hand (ha! Like you know you are going to get glutened that day!)

Try some papaya and bropmedliad (pineapple) enzymes.

Teas-- camomile, green tea, hibiscus-- what ever. Keep yourself hydrated.

A hot bath and/or a heating pad.

And safe comfort foods-- soups, etc. Keep the ingredients simple. I find a salty warm broth helps-- glutino, better than bullion, herb-ox, etc. Or even better, homemade.

Maybe keep away from dairy for a bit because it is hard to digest even under normal circumstances.

I hope you feel better soon. I got glutened recently too and it is upsetting.

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Thank you very much for all the ideas. I appreciate them and my husband is grateful for the tips too ~ he has something more concrete to work with. It has been frustrating and upsetting not only for me but the rest of the family too.

I am so grateful for the people like you that know and understand.

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