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Significant Other Wants To Say Something

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Ok, i'm not doing well, no one has responded to my request.

So, here's my story should anyone care to listen and maybe help...;

I live with the Dr. Laura of gluten, fibro, ( I would like to say " sily" celiac, but won't) celiac disorders.

I was doing quite well until she discovered she has fibro, celiac, (possibly) and no tolerance to gluten.

Now, my world has been turned upside down. Now, I can't eat this and I can't eat that. I thought I was doing quite well at 59 years of age. Don't let me get an upset tummy or a headache after eating my bowl of cereal with "Milk"!! .. by the way the cereal was loaded with wheat. and the ham sandwich on bread. What's a guy to do? Jimmie

So I'm guessing you arent allergic to gluten and she thinks because she cant eat it, you shouldn't either?? That seems a little drastic but you should be understanding of her condition. I am allergic as well and my BF is very supportive about it, I do not require him to quit eating it but its nice sometimes when he's eating something with gluten, i'll say oh that looks so good and he'll say oh no its actually pretty horrible you wouldnt like it haha. But it is very nice he checks ingreidients and brings me treats home. You should have a good talk with her, you shouldn't be punished for her condition, I wouldnt expect everyone to quit eating gluten just because I can't.

good luck

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