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I am unsure whether I have Celiac Disease and will be going to the Doctor on Dec. 30th. My family Doc seems to think I might need to live a gluten free life but my blood test was negative. I have been gluten free for a month. About a week ago, I started to eat food with gluten but have not seen any difference. When you eat gluten food, would the symptoms be immediate? Or, would it take time for me to feel sick? Because of my question, you can see that I am unsure of the effects of wheat, oats,etc. on my body. Thanks for your answer(s). Rock

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hmmm, difficult question.

Are you really gluten free? It can be fairly tricky when you first start out. Most people don't think of things like rice crispies being a 'no-no'.

If you are positive that you have eaten completely gluten-free, and feel no different on, or off gluten, a biopsy might tell you if your intestine is damaged, and therefor would need to be strictly gluten-free.

Why does your doctor think gluten might be an issue for you?

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