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I have been having issues for around a year now mine is nowhere near as bad as some experiences I have heard. However a year ago I started with upper abdominal pain and actually had to go to the emergeny room. After 2 trips in one weekend there and several ct scans they decided to go ahead and take my appendix and gallblader. That seemed to make the pain go away for a month or so but then it stated back up. I have extreme constipation I can't go to the bathroom without taking the laxitive for a colonoscopy however always feel the urge to go. In the last month I have had bloodwork come back posotive for crohns disese but the colonoscopy was "squeky clean" according to the Dr. I have had the berium dye test of my small bowl and it looked good. They wanted to do the pill endecoscopy but my insurance company said that before they would allow that the wanted a upper endecoscopy. So very reluctuntly the Dr. did it and there is where we are now. He found a "very large hiatal hernia" those where his words and my biopsy came back with abnormalitys which sent us to do blood work. We should get the results back tomorrow but the Dr. seems to thing that it is a "wheat allergy". I have cut gluten out of my diet for 5 days now and already feel better. The bathroom thing is getting better as well slowly but surely. Sorry for the looooong post and being so graphic about everything. Thanks in advance for all the useful info. :D:)

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