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A Treatment Center For Psychologically Unstable Gluten Sensitive Friend?

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Please read this; I am trying everything I can to help my friend and I am calling for help to this great community!

A close friend of mine is slowly losing it and he definitely needs to go to a treatment center for his depression, anxiety, etc issues. I'm not a doctor but I'm very well versed with gluten sensitivities (both of us are gluten sensitive and have celiac disease - positive IGA antibody and tissue transglutaminase reactions) and have seen his test results from extensive testing in the past year. He definitely has malabsorption and inflammatory issues that have led him down this path. He is starting to lose his hair, his thoughts and perspectives are more and more distorted, and he has a history of social anxiety that has kept him from what would be considered normal social development in his adolescence.

He is very strict on his diet and stays away from gluten, soy, casein, cow's butter, eggs, corn, and yeast. He lifts weights on a regular basis but refuses to take supplements for certain chemicals, vitamins, etc. that test results show he is deficient in. I've tried to get him to take shots for folic acid, b-vitamins, etc. to bypass his malabsorption issues but he stubbornly refuses to consider taking them. I'm one of his best friends and consider myself a great, down to earth people person that has been successful at convincing people to do the right thing (in other word I'm not some weirdo that doesn't know how to relate to people or accomplish a task like this).

Since he's getting worse and my options/angles of approach are running out, I need to find him a treatment center fast where they understand gluten sensitivity and can cater to his special dietary restrictions. Help!!!

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Having dealt with mental issues with a family member, maybe I can help a little. You can't force a person into treatment but you can take them there & they might stay. Be firm that you will not bring him home. Tell his friends that if he calls for a ride home to say no. However, the main way to get someone admitted for pysch is they have to bottom out & be taken to the ER. This is where you can help, insisting that they do a mental work-up & telling what you know loudly & firmly many times if needed. You should contact the friend's closest relatives because if he is incompetant, even on a 48 hour hold, you can't make any decisions for him. With his medical issues, he would probably be admitted to a pysch ward attached to a hospital. This would probably be paid for by insurance for 21-28 days or if he hasn't any insurance, this probably would be the most cost effective & if its emergent, they can't refuse him. The proper food is something that would have to be discussed with the facility - they may let you bring the food.

Do you know who his doc is? He may be able to help. We needed 2 docs to say she needed to be inpatient. Call your local hospital with a pysch ward & try to talk to the social worker. He may have some ideas.

Thanks for being a good friend.

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