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How Long Does It Take To See 'results'

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how many 'days' or weeks of being wheat free does it take to see if i am in fact allergic to wheat? i break out in horrible clusters of hives (on my legs only) and am at a loss.

- gluten free since August 2007

- endoscopy came back negative for celiac in December 2007

- bloodwork confirms egg allergy

- allergy testing confirms only banana, apple, melon, egg and environmental allergies

i get hives anywhere on my waist down and less bloating/constipation when i do not eat wheat.

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everyone's system is different

that being said, if you eat wheat and you feel like garbage & then break out in hives, that's prob a sign

if you want to be more "scientific" w/o formal allergy testing, go 2-3 weeks and then have some bread or a nice wheat beer

i get a double whammy since i'm also yeast allergic

-severe soy, wheat & yeast allergies 2006

-penicillin allergy 2008

-multiple other food & environmental allergies starting 1982

-non-iron deficient anemia - life long

-migraines 3/07

-negative celiac blood testing 10/09 & upper endoscopy biopsy 3/10

-negative GERD observation during upper endoscopy 3/10

-positive hereditary hiatial hernia during upper endoscopy 3/10

+continually working on gluten-free/CF/SF related to allergies & celiac like symptoms

+continually working on elimination of caffine, chocolate, & spicy foods related to hernia & heartburn

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