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Really Yummy Bread Mix

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I loved Udi's bread so much and now that I'm back home I decided I wasn't going to eat the icky tasting gluten free bread I'd been buying at my local supermarket any longer. I decided to try a bread mix, but since I've also recently narrowed down tapioca starch as the ingredient I really hated, it was a very easy process of elimination. And I hit gold first time. There was a mix called "the read bread mix" in my local supermarket (I'm in Australia - Coles) and it was soooooooooo yummy. Super easy to make, and it turned out soft in the middle and with a nice hard crust. It kind of reminded me the home made bread I'd baked as a kid, but heaps better and so much easier.

The ingredients are: Potato starch, maize starch, flaxseed flour, pea protein, psyllium. (and you add 1.5 tsp salt, 1 tbsp sugar, water and yeast).

I won't eat it all the time as it's got maize starch and I'm trying to avoid that where I can (discovering corn doesn't agree with me as well as I'd like) but it was lovely being able to eat slices of proper soft and crusty bread with nutella this morning. Not healthy, but nice to be able to do once in a while, particularly since I have a badly sprained ankle and I'm trapped at home (that's my excuse anyway!)

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