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Going To Gi Doc - Need Your Advice

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From reading this forum, it sounds as though not every doc (not even the "experts") understand the symptons, tests, etc for Celiac Disease.

I know I am my best advocate. It has taken me so long to get on this Doc's schedule I am terrified of it being a waste of time.

I am consuming gluten in prep for this visit. I had been off it only 2 or 3 weeks and started back up again (maybe on the first? can't remember). I see him on the 30th of this month.

What blood tests and other tests to I need to be sure he does? Anyone have a checklist? It just seems so many docs are very ill informed. Do I need to point out certain things to him (like the fact that even if the villa is only inflammed that is a predictor?) I'm nervous b/c while he has a great reputation (and apparently hard to book!) I see nothing on his profile that shows his area of expertise is Celiac....

Please advise! Thank you!

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