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So i have been on the gluten free diet for around 2 months as well as wiping out an H. pylori infection. My body has been detoxing a lot and changing a lot. I think i am answering my own question here but i have had adrenal issues for the past few years but it's pretty normal to feel a little more exhausted and fatigued than normal during the first few months right? Because it takes a lot of energy to heal the body?

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That was true for me...I was very tired and slept a lot. Even though I knew I was healing, the fatigue seemed to last for at least a month post gluten. There would be some days where I was more energetic than others, but sometimes just wiped out. Along about the third month, I was able to function almost normally.

So yes, I think your body is healing and that takes some time. :)

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