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Wheat Germ In Conditioner?

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I just bought a conditioner without looking at the ingredients first:(

Of course when I decide not to look it always has something in it >_> But, I noticed it had wheat germ in it after I used it and I feel fine. Is wheat germ in certain things like conditioners safe to use because it's only on for a short time or should I not use it? Sorry I'm new to all this. :(

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Hi, Bree.

There has been a lot of discussion here about peronal care products. Opinions differ.

The products that you put on your skin or hair can make their way into your mouth many ways. Whether there is enough gluten in them to be an issue considering the small amounts acutally ingested is an unresolved question.

If it is not causing you a problem, then you could continue to use it. When you run out, choosing a product with no wheat-derived ingredients may make you more comfortable. If so, do it.

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