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When To Trial Other Food Intolerances?

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I became Gluten-free Casein-free after getting positive IgG bloodwork back in May. I followed that up with IgA testing from Enterolab that confirmed positives for gluten and casein, and also showed positives for egg and soy. My primary symptoms are chronic fatigue, random body pains, brain fog, and memory issues. After 3 months eliminating gluten and casein and 1 month eliminating soy and egg, the chronic fatigue suddenly lifted. I feel like the brain fog is better too, but still have the other symptoms.

As of now, it has been about 2.5 months without soy and egg. How do I know when the appropriate time is to trial those foods back into my diet? I've read that it can be a year or two for neurological type symptoms to go away, so I'm hesitant to wait that long. Soy doesn't really matter to me, but egg removal has been a bit of a pain.

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