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Hello to all of you that have more information than I do at this moment. We just found out that my DD may have celiac's. She is a very late talker and so many want to say that she has autism, but all the medical people say, no she is developing fine except for language. So we found a great ND and did her IgG testing and got the results on Monday. Dairy and Gluten to the tunes of .85 to .93 out of .99 on the scale. The Dr has never seen results so high. Plus she has really high reactions to corn, so that is not helpful as well.

So I have checked out 15 cookbooks from the library and we are reducing her dairy by mixing the Almond Milk with her cows milk at this point. She is an extremely picky eater and pizza, corn or rice are her staple foods....so now I am trying to figure out what to do... Please post any food suggestions you all have and books or sites that you found so useful.

Stressed mom in Seattle!

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