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After years of irritable bowel symptoms, just had a blood test for celiac. And was told to go gluten free. I don't

understand my numbers though. I was given a range 80 to 400. And told that I scored 309. What does this mean?

A few weeks ago, I stopped eating the whole grain (mostly wheat) cereal. And started eating fruit and almonds

for breakfast instead.

So the score might not be accurate. Whatever.

What does my score of 309 mean?

Thanks so much!


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Without knowing what was tested, it's hard to say what that number is? It could be your antibody level. If it is..that is a high reading.

If your Dr says it's Celiac..it is. There aren't false positives..just false negatives.

Ask your Dr. if he will be doing an endoscope. If so, you should stay on gluten until it's done. If not..you have your DX. No more gluten for you.

Read the posts here to get a wealth of info, and be sure to ask any questions you have.

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