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Neurologist In San Diego Or Orange County

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I would like to have both of my children evaluated for gluten ataxia. One has seizures and numb pinky and is clumsy along with several other gastro issues, asthma and eczema. The other was hypotonic at birth. He was screened for all types of disorders but none were identified. We figured that during the course of his life we would find something that would explain his hypotonia which also includes strabismus.

One child was gene tested and is negative for DQ2 or 8 so they refuse further testing related to gluten intolerance. I am ordering enterolab studies for one of the kids but now we are wondering if the hypotonia is related to gluten as well.

Because one is gene negative I would really like for them to see a neuro who knows his/her stuff around gluten issues.

Any help appreciated.

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