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Pasta Sauce

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Yes I know I can make my own. And yes I know it is easy. I am old. I come from a time when you couldn't buy jarred or canned sauce. So I know. And in those days the only seasoning I put in my sauce was oregano. But in recent years I've gotten lazy. I have been buying jarred sauce or when making my own, putting in Italian seasoning.

However, now my daughter can't have basil. I can't have thyme and neither of us can have marjoram. So out went the Italian seasoning. And the pizza seasoning.

Oh and I can't have dairy either! The food bank got a lot of jarred sauces from us along with all unopened bags and boxes of quinoa pasta. Daughter can't have quinoa either.

I bought a jar of Ragu but after I got it home, I saw that it said it contained "spices" as did a lot of the jars. Most did label for basil. Yes, I know I could write to the company and hope that they will tell me if those specific things are in there.

We didn't do a thorough search but daughter found some organic stuff with roasted garlic that only had oregano in it. I bought two jars. The problems? I don't do well with garlic. It gives me stomach pains if I eat too much of it. I don't know why. It doesn't show as an intolerance or an allergy. And it is a large jar. 6 servings. Would be fine when my husband is home. He's Italian, loves garlic and eats a lot. But he is in the military. Currently lives in another state and is due to retire this summer. He'll be home all the time then, but for now? Not so much.

Anyway... Does anyone know of a prepared sauce that doesn't contain basil, thyme, marjoram or dairy? I would prefer it to be 3 or 4 servings per jar and hopefully not contain high fructose corn syrup and be somewhat low in carbs. I have diabetes and daughter has pre-diabetes.

I wish we could get the Red Pack tomatoes here. My MIL swears by them. That's what she always made her sauce out of and AFAIK she didn't add much in the way of seasonings to it. I think it has the best tomato flavor. But we can't get it here.


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