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Need Help With Hla-Dq Testing

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I was just diagnosed with Celiac from blood work of >than 100 on TTg, 58.1 on IgG and 78.8 on IgA. Also had HLA-DQ typing done and these were the results which I need help with interpretation.

DQ alpha 1: 05:01,05

DQ beta 1: 02:01,03

Celiac gene pairs present: Yes

What are the genes that I have? Did they check for DQ2 and DQ8. I know you have two copies of the DQ gene so trying to figure out what mine are from the above findings. The tests were performed at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN.

I do not have any major gastro systems and don't feel sick after eating gluten. I was complaining of fatigue and feeling bloated so doctor ran celiac panel. Couldn't believe it. Had scope done last week but no results yet. Doctor said he saw scalloping of the 2nd and 3rd duodenum??? Have been gluten free for 5 days....

Please help. Had all 3 kids tested and all were negative from the Celiac panel tests. I would think one of them would have it if I have it.

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Sorry, I am not a genetic expert -- but others here will help you with that.

The scalloping is a sign of celiac - I believe you will get a positive biopsy report. Some of your kids may well have a celiac gene if you do; if so, it doesn't mean that they will automatically develop the disease - it just shows that they have the propensity to do so. There is generally a trigger which sets it off - physical or emotional stress, for example. The genes are not that uncommon and I believe the majority of the people who carry them do not seem to get celiac disease. You should watch them for symptoms though.

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