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1 Month gluten-free

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Today, is my official 1 month gluten-free anniversary and I cannot believe how much better I feel!! :)

I have had GI issues most of my life as do most of my father's side of the family. I have always been told I had IBS. I had horrible D with major urgency. I have also suffered from migraines, muscle aches, easily breaking bones (especially in my feet and toes), and this weird flush to my neck and face. Of course, the doctors never put all of those symptoms together. I was doing research on IBS and found that most got better being gluten-free. I decided to try for one-month and see how I felt.

D is gone as is the horrible bloating I had. I have lost 5 pounds. I have only had one headache all month and it was a day that it was storming. I can deal with weather related as long as it isn't daily. Muscles and feet feel much better and no more flush (or rash). YAY! I am confident that I will continue to feel better the longer the poison is out of my body!

I am going to tell my doctor about it next time I go in, but I don't need an official diagnosis. I will call myself NCGI and go on with my life! Family and boyfriend are very supportive and have seen the huge improvement in my health and my mood.

I just wanted to say Thank you to all of you. I have been lurking and reading for the past month and will continue to do so. I have found a lot of tips on here that have made this so much easier!

Thanks again!!! :lol:

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