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Pumpkin Cake, Pizza Fusion, And Pecos Bill



[size=5][color="#800080"]Had fun at the celiac support meeting. You can pretend you went- a virtual meeting- here:
One lady had amazing pumpkin bread (light and moist and fluffy and SOFT) that she made out of her Vitamix (some fancy blender) recipe book that she modified for gluten free. Said it was easy. She traded me her leftover cake for my leftover peanut butter cookies from Whole Foods :) A college girl told us about some cookie ice cream from Good Karma she loves-it's soy based? Another one said she's had great experiences eating out at Olive Garden, that they'll make special salad gluten free and cook gluten-free pasta you bring. I had a bad experience there when a last-minute restaurant change for a bday party landed me there. I had chicken and veg and got sick years ago. Never been back. And she's going to Pizza Fusion, an organic pizza place that just opened in Temecula over here (it's a chain), so she's going to tell us about it next time. Another lady brought Trader Joe's brown rice krispy bars and they were not good. they had an aftertaste. People were already getting excited about the Christmas party. And the alcoholic anonymous meeting down the hall looked kinda fun, and eerily had people in there that looked like my uncle. ;) [/color]
[color="#FF8C00"]Plate Update:
I'm really into "super foods" berries, quinoa, spinach, etc. So, I've been eating bison burgers from GreatRange brand. Very tasty and a soft texture that I really like. According to a blog, Whatdidyoueat, "It's much lower in saturated fat, calories, and cholesterol, but higher in protein, iron, and Vitamin B-12 than beef, pork, or chicken. It even beats salmon in every area, except Vitamin B-12. And bison are given no antibiotics, and spend few punishing days in feed lots. Of course, they do give their lives to us, so it's not perfect."
I bought mine at Clark's Nutrition, and the blogger got it at Whole Foods Market.
I made the baked acorn squash with apples (from last blog) and it was SO YUMMY! And PRETTY!
Today I'm going to find a pumpkin cake or cookie recipe and make it.
And I've decided I'm going to take my graham cracker crumbs (gluten-free) from Celiac Specialties to my friend's house for Thanksgiving pie, and I have to email her Naturally Preferred broth is the kind I can have so her fiance can make turkey soup for us for leftovers. There's another pie crust recipe in our celiac support group's recipe book that all the ladies swoon over, so I'll email her that one. Another guest is diabetic, so we're having a gluten free/sugar free Turkey Day! The hosts (normal diet) have gained weight recently, so they've already sworn off bread and so I guess they've been over-feasting already and won't mind a "different" holiday meal.
It is SO generous of them! I'm so lucky[/color]![/size]


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