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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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My Notes On Ordering Out Or Eat In Restaurants And Fast Food

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At my experience on working at these places and observing employies, I myself will NOT order anything from any of those places. Sure it is nice to wear gloves while preparing foods, but have you accually notices when they make order to order? those gloves do not come off. Therefore, when it comes time to make your gluten-free foods, all the food made from the customers befor you that have gluten crumbs in them are still on their gloves. So, when you order gluten-free, your food WILL be contaminated.

Same for when you order gluten-free fries in a gluten-free oil vat. There are other vats next to the gluten-free one. I.E. the oil from the non-gluten-free foods are splashing into your gluten-free vat.

Pizza places - I know from talking to my pizza restaurants that yes they do serve gluten-free foods. BUT, pizza is made from flour. In my experience from working at pizza places, I know the flour gets everywhere, on hands, gloves and in the air. So, gluten-free products at pizza joints are NOT gluten-free to me.

this in my opinion and therefore my family will NOT be ordering out or going to any fast food/restaurants anymore. I will not take any chances on making my little girl (now ten) sick anymore. I have been doing very good at keeping her gluten free since we found out she has celiac disease I am not gonna make her sick anymore and have told my relatives and friends house not to do the same with her. I will not outlive my little girl due to someone elses mistakes.

Thank You
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Not really sure what is going on here. You post links to restauraunts' gluten-free menus. Then you post about how you wouldn't eat at them. Also, these menus change often. Some I have seen even say they are good for a few months at a time. Something to keep in mind for anyone who might read these lists later.

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thank you for your comment.

i have no control on who eats out or not. you can or can't. i was just stating the facts and info i have found.

my little girl is 10 now. she has been having trouble for the past year and her stomach is getting more and more bloated. i thought i new it was her celiac disease. i blamed my estranged husband for him not knowing her diet yet still.

so i scheduled another upper g.i. and biopsy. turns out her celiac disease is good. although she has only had one sickness, her celiac disease, it turns out she has 5 things now. 1. celiac disease, 2. excess acid, 3. Gastritus, ( she has to follow the acid reflux diet now) only thing i can do is follow the acid reflux diet befor it get to acid reflux and to give her tums untill they prescrib her medication for it and the other symptoms she has. 4. she is either lactos intolerant and/or allergic to yet another food. 5. she has EE - [url="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eosinophilic_esophagitis"]Eosinophilic Esophogitis[/url] . EE is the squeesing of the esophogus walls making it harder and harder to swallow. the worse it gets she will have to have a feeding tube.

i am so afraid to out living my little girl now. she is only 10 and drs say there are other deceases that you can get when you have celiac disease. i never expected EE decease.

i say these things about the restaurant because i used to work at some and my observations when we do eat out. subway wears gloves all the time. when i worked there we had to wear gloves but changed with every order. now they leave them on after handling ALL kinds of bread and even after scrapping the board with the tool AND their gloves. so when making my orders, the crumbs can fall off the gloves into the tuna bowl making it not gluten-free.

there is this chinees place near us that has ice cream. the ice cream scoopers are placed into warm water, all of the scoops. therefor, when we pick up a seemingly gluten-free scoop to get gluten-free ice cream, then we are picking a contaminating scooper from all other ice creams.

it is only my oppinion that i wrote this, i will never again take my little girl out or order in again. she is to sick for this. i don't wanna get even sicker. i wont finds out the rest of the 12 byopcies results till Tues. i can't stop thinking that i'm making her sicker while not knowing that i am giving here something else that is making her sicker.

my fiancees mom works at a pizza joint. i have observed that yes they have gluten-free choices to eat but from the pizza and the flour in the air and everywhere else, i cannot order from pizza joints anymore.

if these facts that i have posted changed in the near future, anyone is free to comment to this post at either time.

thank you for your insight kareng. i greatly appreciate it..


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I'm not sure it helps any, but there are a few restaurants that go through extensive certification processes to be able to serve gluten-free foods with high confidence in their safety. I'm not at all suggesting you should change your feelings or stop protecting your daughter in any way by exposing her, but I have found for myself that places like Cheeseburger in Paradise and Outback both take more extreme measures than other places to train staff and certify their restaurants as safe if you order from their gluten-free selections. It makes me feel very safe, or at least as safe as I can feel without being part of the preparation process myself.

It's completely understandable that your daughter must be protected. I fear my own children may have celiac and they will all get tested soon. If any of them do, I will be their front line of defense until they are able to do so for themselves, and still I will be there side by side to help them stay safe whenever I can. Nobody wants to see a child placed in any kind of harm's way, but I do hope you find some options for those times where you can't provide a home cooked meal for her. Life is hard enough for us and limiting us to eating at home only makes it more challenging. I limit my eating choices a great deal and I hope you can find answers to all your concerns so you and she can enjoy as much of life as possible. Best of luck to you, and especially to her as she deals with a tough disease.

And you are absolutely correct. Those gloves, utensils, and other things are items most people give no thought to unless they are personally experienced with what we face. Even at home it is easy to make a mistake with a utensil in a mixed gluten-free and gluten household like mine. At restaurants it is just compounded so we can't take our eye off the ball. Bless you for taking such great care of your little girl!!


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