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Vegan Not Really Vegan? Come On!

Entry posted by Rowena · - 420 views

Frankly there should be a ban on labelling things vegan if they are made on shared equipment as non vegan food items. I bought some carob chips that had vegan written all over them. (Brand is Sunspire FYI). I swear I had read the allergen info at the store and saw no problem. But I also was tired and not feeling good, so it could easily have been one of those times when I saw, 'Vegan' and tossed them in the shopping cart. I don't honestly remember.
Anyway, so today, I thought, well hey, I need a snack. I grabbed a rice cake and the bag of carob chips that were supposedly vegan. Okay, so I flipped the bag over for whatever reason, and saw the allergen info. I quote 'CONTAINS: SOY. DUE TO SHARED EQUIPMENT, PRODUCT CONTAINS TRACES OF MILK.' How the hell is that vegan! I mean there was no, 'may contain' it was a certainly how they phrased it. Frankly, just because you don't add any products that are contrary to the vegan lifestyle doesn't mean its vegan. Its like saying, 'Oh this food item is gluten free because I didn't add flour to it.' Um no. Try again.
If anything, if you aren't worried about catering to the vegan lifestyle, cater to those with milk allergies. Don't put Vegan on a package if it contains milk. People who can't have dairy love vegan options because usually they are safe for them. No animals or their byproducts defines vegan. Vegan is not synonomous with vegetarian.

End of rant.

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