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7 Days Down... A Lifetime To Go!

Entry posted by JesikaBeth · - 10,307 views

Well, 7 days down... a whole week gluten free... and I'm feeling hopeful. Good sign, considering I really thought I'd be down in the dumps over this (thank you to this forum and the book 'Living Gluten Free for Dummies by Danna Korn for the push in the hopeful direction!)

We are making our very first grocery store trip this Friday, since my diagnosis. Surprisingly, I'm kind of excited.

I think the prospect of feeling better (which I am already starting to feel MUCH better) is contributing to my eagerness to really do this thing... it's a new lifestyle, a change (which I'm going through a lot of changes in my life at once) so I thought having this diagnosis and having to make such a significant change would be more of a challenge than it has been. Go figure!

Admittedly so, I have missed some of the foods I used to eat - the soft, doughy breads... but I'm gladly ok to give those up to feel better; and I'm looking forward to making more discoveries of what I CAN eat.

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I'm so glad your excited.  I was too.  I was so happy that there was finally something I could control about my health.  So many things improved for me!  I feel much stronger to fight the things I can't control.  Ir's a good feeling.  While your at the store, pick up a brownie mix.  Bob's Red Mill and Betty Crocker ones are awesome.  They are better than a glutenous brownies.  Gluten eaters can't tell a difference.  After you cut them put a bunch wrapped individually in the freezer.  When you want something decadent just pull one out and thaw or microwave.  I do my muffins that way too.  Freeze most of them.  I'f I don't they only last a day because everyone wants one...lol  GF breads start to mold quicker than regular bread.  I usually keep mine in the freezer then pop it in the toaster when I want it.  




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