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January 15, 2006

Entry posted by Ann1231 · - 144 views

constipation is getting a little better, no bleeding today!
I'm still eating vegetarian. It helps with both gluten and RA. I've been eating a lot of raw foods lately, fruits, including figs, dates, raisins, bananas, and lots of carrots, cucumbers, celery. I'm still very fatigued this week. I got the ok to lower my MTX to 6 a week instead of 7. PA said I was having a bad reaction to that high of a dose. She also thinks I'm anemic so I'm going in the first week of February for a blood test. I wouldn't doubt that I am. I tend to run anemic anyway and with the vertigo, dizziness and fatigue, I can believe that I'm running low. I've had serious gluten withdrawal symptoms yesterday and today, headache, irritability, cravings like you wouldn't believe.

Today I had bananas, dates, pecans, cucumbers, carrots, celery, green onion, black olives, mushrooms, a little cheese..like one or two bites, gave the rest to the dog. I made some baked beans for an afternoon snack when I felt like I needed some more protein. I found some great cereal at the health store that a flaxseed, pumpkin seed cereal. There are oats in it but supposedly that's ok for us so I had some of it today too. Kind of a bored, stressed, craving breads kind of day so I basically grazed on whatever I could find. I'll probably be 10 pounds heavier tomorrow :(

I haven't felt like exercising the last two days. I'm feeling weary. I really think it's these meds. I am hoping with a strict gluten free and vegetarian diet, I can lower and even eliminate these drugs.



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