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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Vision, Scleroderma, Google & Brain Fog



Yesterday was kind of a cruddy day. I did some errands in the morning and on the way home I noticed that I could not see the signs very well. And when I closed my left eye, my right eye vision was all blurred. I got home and my husband said to call the eye doctor. They wanted me in within 30 minutes which really upset me. They were concerned about the possiblility of a detached retina. I had had one in my left eye in the late 60's or early 70's (what does my memory know LOL) and I can tell you I never want to repeat that surgery again as it is probably the most painful I have ever expierenced. They had just done laser surgery last Nov. for a hole in the retina in the left eye. But, this is my good eye. I am a heavy reader. Anyway, it was not the retina, but my dry eyes due to the Morphia Scleroderma. I guess it got really bad. Now there is that new RX that they show on TV and he gave me a RX for that. He said it would probably be about 2 months before I notice improvement. And I was to see my Sclerderma doctor. Right now, I stare, squint and lean into the computer to read this as I type. Late afternoon, I decided to google Morphia Scleroderma and read up on it as I had not read the sites since the day of the initial diagnosis (1 1/2 Years ago). The first guy who had done the biopsies had said that he had thought it was going into systemic. We knew someone with that one and after reading about it on the web, I was too distraught to read anymore. But, the specialist I was sent to, said it was not going into systemic and I just never went back to check on the disease anymore. I was doing enough to cope with the celiac disease diet and trying to get well. Anyway, I put in Morphia Scleroderma on google and up comes 1-10 of 1400. So, I start clicking on each one in order and reading. When I got to number 10, it said .........Celiac.com........ and then a partial paragraph. When I saw the Celiac, I thought "that this is so cool that they know you can get Scleroderma from having Celiac". Then I start reading the partial paragraph and I am thinking "boy, this sounds familiar DUH. I click on it and there is my name and my cactus. I have no idea how I got on there or how I got to be number 10. But, when I showed my husband this morning, I had moved to number 7. I was really thinking seriously about putting my photo in place of the cactus, but after the google thing, there is no way I am going to have my photo googled. I told Canadian Karen that at least I got us some attention with the Scleroderma people. B) The shades are because I am now a celebrity. :blink: :lol: This afternoon I have been having brain fog and I know I have not been glutened. But, I went to the store to get Pizza and on the way there I could not remember how to cook it and what I usually put it on. On the way home, I remembered that I had two pizza pans. I just hate it when my brain goes into such hibernation. If there are spelling errors, I am sorry, but it really is hard to check for errors with my vision problems. I wish there was spell check on this.


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